ADHD with Anxiety or Worry

Piglet is a great friend to Pooh Bear and all in the Hundred Acre Wood, but sure scares easily and worries a lot...

Piglet is that small, almost frail character from the Hundred Acre Wood. He is a great friend, and very loyal. But he is always worried, nervous, and easily startles. Sometimes he is so nervous that he stutters. Piglet is a great friend, but sure scares easily and worries a lot...

ADHD with Anxiety or Worry

So it is with some kids with ADHD. This style of ADHD is very similar to the Rabbit style, except that with "Piglet style" the child's mid-brain is so over-aroused that the child is hypervigilant and very easily startled. He may be talking all of the time, and is probably touching everything in the room. And, this child is nervous or worried, or anxious. He has trouble shifting attention from one activity to another, and he frequently "gets stuck" in loops of negative thoughts. He can be obsessive, and very inflexible.

Treatment Strategies for Over-Focused ADHD

In this type of ADHD some stimulants, and too much use of L-Tyrosine to increase dopamine production can actually make the problem of over-focus worse. So be careful.

We recommend our ADHD Eating Program to start with. You can find this at the ADHD Information Library at . It is important to use the eating program even if you are using other interventions, such as medications, EEG biofeedback training, or a combination of the nutraceuticals ATTEND and MEMORIN. Each of these interventions can be very helpful, and combined with the eating program can make a "day and night" difference. Remember, no matter how effective your intervention may be, if you are eating junk foods you will not get as many benefits from your treatment interventions. In addition, we recommend for Inattentive, or Winnie the Pooh style ADHD the following:

Great Products By VAXA International:

ATTEND for ADHD symptoms : begin small and work up to just two or three capsules per day in divided doses. Our studies showed that about 70% of those who used Attend for 30 or more days made improvements with the product. The ATTEND contains L-Tyrosine, which increases dopamine production. ATTEND also contains GABA, DL-Phenylalyne, Ginko, Pycnogenol and Grape Seed Extracts, 5-HTP, pregnenolone, DMAE, and more. See the ATTEND ingredients list here.

EXTRESS for symptoms of impulsivity, temper, restlessness, and anxiety. The EXTRESS contains GABA, DL-PA, 5-HTP, and St. John's Wort. Extress will be the main focus of this treatment, and anywhere from two capsules, up to six per day might be needed.

We do not recommend the use of MEMORIN for this type of ADHD.

Order ATTEND and EXTRESS from the VAXA website here

Essential Fatty Acids By YES Labs:

The YES Omega Oils are the finest available. We would recommend these to everyone, with or without ADHD. And since there are studies that implicate deficiencies of Essential Fatty Acids as contributing to ADHD symptoms, we strongly recommend that children, teens, and adults take EFA supplements (Omega Oils). These Oils are very effective, and very safe as they are made from plant sources (they contain no mercury from fish sources), and they are made in the proper ratio of O3s to O6s. These omega oils are excellent for heart health, immune function, hair, nails, eyes, brain function, and more.

Consult your health care professional regarding diagnosis or alternative treatments for ADHD.